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A handful of Eberron capybara trinkets- Coming Soon!

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I am a platinum best-selling author for D&D fifth edtion. A trinketeer and wordsmith, I am always willing to lend my skill and wit to any endeavour!
My best known works are the myriad of trinkets collected in my Sora Esma's Cart products, where I have to date published over 2,000 unique trinkets for the world of Eberron.In addition to my never-ending torrent of trinkets, I also dabble in adventures and monster creation with a heavy emphasis on all things goblinoid and whimsical.I am a moderator for several Eberron Discord servers, and in the moments I am not juggling Eberron projects or delving into obscure facets of lore, I am at work in the real-world or spending time with my Scooby Squad watching movies, playing D&D, or wrangling my goblin son.